Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Recent phone pics

Here are a few things I've found interesting lately, so I snapped a phonepic of them.

The delivery bikes outside of sal's pizzerria on court st in Carroll gardens. They wait with eager anticipation of the steaming pies and brown bags full of garlic knots they will distribute to the neighborhood.

My in-laws back in the olden days. They are still as cool as they look here, all these years later.

Jenni on the union st drawbridge overthe gowanus canal, during the recent blizzard. She's getting her gene Kelly on!

Next morning, the backyard at char no. 4.

Cruise ship anchored off the red hook waterfront, a study in expectations.

What? There's a store down the block that sells troubles for a buck fiddy. Mo money mo problems.

Location:Sackett St,Brooklyn,United States

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