Monday, December 14, 2009

Organizational frenzy

I have a ton of file folders, some that I've had with me for a few months, some for ten years or more. I put everything in these folders: cards from galleries, doodles on napkins, pictures I've torn out of newspapers that I want to use as source material for a drawing, etc. Today I sifted through these and came up with a new filing system. Time will tell if I actually stick to this, but for now I like it.

"draw from this"
"scan this"
"write about this"
"design inspiration" should be "steal from this"
"drawings" I really need flat files
"old ideas"
"city tech" hopefully this one will grow
"Montauk shores" designing a logo and tee shirt print for this

Location:Sackett St,Brooklyn,United States

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