Sunday, April 10, 2011

Morning Disc Logo

Made this better. Reduced the colors and improved the contrast (black/white balance) I think.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Laura & Danny Wedding Invitation

Laura and Danny wanted their wedding invitation to be hand-drawn and evoke the Sailor Jerry-style of tattoos. She is Italian and he is Colombian, so they wanted the colors of their respective countries flags to be represented in the design as well. All of the type was hand-drawn. The body copy is based on Courier and their names are based on Snell Roundhand. Courier was the choice because they are both writers and wanted the font to look like a typewriter produced it.

All of the lettering and drawings were created specifically for this invite, ink on paper, and scanned in where they were colored digitally and the aged paper background was added.

The invitations were printed by Rolling Press, in Brooklyn, NY
on 130# Chorus Art Silk Cover (55% Recycled, Elemental Chlorine Free, FSC Certified), and were printed digitally with non-toxic inks, using wind power.