Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Productive Procrastination

I need to create a syllabus for an imaginary course that I know nothing about, so I'm currently procrastinating. My current project is going back to the oldest emails in my gmail and paring the inbox down, maybe sort things a bit by names, family, etc. eventually. One interesting thing that is happening is I'm finding loads of old links I sent myself for inspirational purposes. I'm going to list the better ones, the ones that are still live, here.

In no particular order, other than the chronological order I discovered and linked myself, edited for shitty sites that no one wants to see, of course:

http://www.subtotal.nu/en/ Strange art portal. Looks like they've gotten popular in the last five years.
http://athleticsnyc.com/about Ditto for these fellas. Don't they look all grown up and hipsterfull with their tattoos and thick-framed glasses?
http://www.carolinedesign.com/ Designer I met at Iain's 30th bday, friend of Manoj's. She's been busy.
http://www.jibhunt.com/ Clothing label - looks like mostly sweatshirts and windbreakers; not a very helpful site, but I do like the style.
http://www.mcsweeneys.net/submit/print.html Still encouraging myself to submit something to McSweeney's... still haven't submitted anything. Still love their output, even paid $6 for the iphone app.
http://www.egocrew.com/12huevosfritos/english/home.htm Spanish design firm, cool little egg-themed intro.
http://www.yugop.com/ Flash-based projects - I would term these 'experimental web art'. Art being used loosely here, in the colloquial sense where anything 'fun' or hard to classify gets labeled 'art'.
http://www.dietlphoto.com/ Sent to me in December 2005, when it was brand-spanking new. Haven't seen this kid since I left Santy Barbie.
http://oink.me.uk/ I think this may have been some sort of illegal downloading site, that has obviously met with some... difficulties.
http://www.vinylpulse.com/2006/05/jason_sho_green.html Not sure what I liked about this one.
http://www.megawordsmagazine.com/news.php?page=2 Typical design portal, with the same stuff that shows up on every other design portal within about three days of each other. Oh look! Someone cut out maps of NYC!!! zOMGZZ!!11!! a teacup with a teabag design on it!!!
http://registry.whitecolumns.org/admin/artist/signup.php Here's another one motivating myself to make some art and get it out into the world... still not happening.
Not a link, but at one point I emailed myself the word, "tabloitation". I guess I was trying to come up with a new word for what the tabloids do to people.
http://paleo-future.blogspot.com/2007/05/disneys-magic-highway-usa-1958.html Headline says it all, "A look into the future that never was." Meta-nostalgia at it's finest.
http://www.makimaki.nl/ Cute! Dutch.
A quartet of illustrators...
http://naomileibowitz.com/projects/rray/index.html Disturbing montage of Rachel Ray sounds.
http://strangemaps.wordpress.com/ Just like it says: strange maps.
Couple of illustrators that Spin used.
http://www.posemaniacs.com/pose/thirtysecond.html Great tool for quick poses, figure drawing, etc.
http://www.royalmint.com/newdesigns/designsRevealed.aspx New coins! Micro & Macro.
Four talented folks.
http://ryandavidjones.blogspot.com/ This guy has crazy digi chops. He rocks it.

Aw screw it. I now need to procrastinate finishing this project and actually get some work done. Got all the way up to July of 2008; inbox is down under 7000 emails, and under 500 unread emails. Hooray productivity.

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