Thursday, November 12, 2009

Photos of food on my phone

Pastries from the Montauk Bake Shop

Shake Shack burger at Citi Field

Pizza toppings at home

Baklava at Neptune Bakery in Hell's Kitchen

Bacon egg n cheese at home

Grilling steaks & asparagus at home

Finished steaks

Giant meat plate at Redbones in Boston

Black & tan at the clubhouse at Montauk Shores

Grilled shrimp, etc. In Montauk

Beach-caught striped bass spicy tartare in Montauk

Baked clams in Montauk

$8 burger at Peter Luger's

Schlaag & chocolate coin at Peter Luger's

The beginnings of chili

Empanada Mama in Hell's Kitchen on Rum & Blackbird tasting tour

Scallops on my birthday!

Coffee Crisp in Saskatoon, SK

Deepdish pizza from peqot's in Chicago

Chicago style hot dog & beef sammy

Amazing sandwich at Xoco in Chicago

Best apple pie ever, made NY jenni

Pizzas at home

Coffee machine in Atlantic City, NJ

Bahn Mi in Chinatown

Jaques Torres chipotle hot chocolate

Empanadas on Randalls Island

Curried chicken salad at home

Fish en papillote, with squash

Prime Meats egg sandwich in Brooklyn

Beet salad, Brussels sprouts, fried egg & bacon at home

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Akeo said...

Holy crap. You made me hungry, jealous and gave me wanderlust all at the same time.