Thursday, September 3, 2009

My first surfcasting keeper

Had to post this here, too, even after facebooking & tweeting it already. Got up at the ass-crack of dawn this morning to go surfcasting with my father-in-law on the beach by the Montauk Shores trailer park, down Ditch Plains Road. After only 5-10 casts I landed this 36", 16.5 lb striped bass! It took about five minutes to reel it in, and I was pretty excited when I hauled it out of the surf onto the beach.

Can't wait to get it cleaned and fileted, so I can make some spicy tartar, maybe crudo or ceviche, and definitely grill some as well. We'll be eating this for the next few days, along with fresh clams that Chris is going to scratch up later today.

I am officially hooked on surfcasting.

1 comment:

Ethan Rand said...

You're super-masculine fishing haul is somewhat belied by your totally femme tar tar and ceviche afterthought.