Monday, March 23, 2009

Phone camera pictures

Here's a bunch of pictures I've taken on my phone while out and about.

This fuschia dimebag was sitting in the dirty snow on the way to the subway one morning. All sorts of metaphors mixing here.This artfully d├ęcoupaged freezer door was sitting on a pile of trash (gasp!) on Lispenard street. Tattered newspaper page listing 9/11 victims blowing in the wind, next to pinups and sports heros.
(Straight) Gay Straws. Back behind the bar at Walker's on Varick.
This rock out at Ditch Plains in Montauk looked like it had a nice, wet head of hair on it.
Someone taped a dead roach to the fire hydrant with packing tape. Begged to be recorded.
"Supporting graffiti" I just liked the lines in this view: the real lines of the walls and the construction as well as the cast shadows. The graffiti really popped, too.
Dead chickadee on Smith and Baltic, in front of the elementary school there. Poor little bird.

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