Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Baseball sketches

A couple of drawings to loosen myself up, shake the rust off, etc. Definitely have to re-learn certain aspects of drawing when I go so long without doing it on a regular basis. I think I might need to draw people on the subway more, or go sit in parks or the Manhattan Mall on my lunch breaks and draw people in those spaces to get my chops back. Muscle memory is a powerful thing, but even more powerful is the ability to shut off the conscious observational part of the brain and allow the muscles to take over because they've been trained and drilled so much. The difference maybe similar to a one-on-none fast-break dunk where improvisation comes into play, and a jumper coming off a screen?

1 comment:

gideon kendall said...

i like the glove. you have knack with objects. what if you did one of your 3D paintings like you used to make of small objects, but of bigger ones like the glove? just a thought.