Monday, July 28, 2008

Strange things brewing at the End

We were witness to some incredible cloud formations in Montauk on Sunday 27 July. It looked like someone was on the other side of the clouds with an eggbeater, churning the clouds into this thick blue soup. The pointy, meringue-like tips seemed to be coming straight down to touch us. Thunder was rolling constantly for about a half hour, with some minor flashes accompanying them. We felt a few drops of rain and went inside, at which point a deluge of biblical proportions fell. This was responsible for our lovely 5-hour train ride home to Brooklyn (normally a little over 3). No color correction or retouching on these photos, the color was really this eerie steel blue. It was awesome.

I suppose there is something to the magnetic qualities of trailer parks and nasty storms. Montauk Shores gets a mention in an article in the current issue of Vanity Fair, as well: "Where the elite meet" or somesuch description, as well as being referred to as the "Ditch Trailer Park" since it sits at the end of Ditch Plains road. Quite the hot property my in-laws are nice enough to share with me.
*Not pictured: The sea robin I caught surfcasting on Saturday afternoon! My first surfcast catch.

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